• Terapie Homeopata, terapia Spondilitei Anchilozante si Artritei Rematoide.
  • Terapia homeopata a afectiunilor reumatismale intercurente.
  • Terapia homeopata a accidentelor sportive.

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April Geo Savulescu, born on 12 April 1932 in Bucharest.


Father, medical doctor rheumatologist, editor in 1933-1935 of the “Revue de sensibilisation”. He brougth new therapies in the rheumatical diseases.
Mother, from a lawyer family.

Medical degree 1952-1958.
Medical Doctor 1958.
Medical School from Bucharest.

Philosophical degree 1966-1970, Bucharest University.
Homeopathical degree 1984-1987, Bucharest.

Editor of the “Revista de Homeopatie”, 1993-1997.
Editor of the “Focul Vesnic Viu” colection 1993-2000.



Born in Bucarest, Roumania, 1932, 12, April.

Medical Doctor – Homeopathy
Private: Roumania, Bucharest, 32, Caderea Bastiliei str.
Tel: 040213172801

School and Height School in Bucharest; Student- 1938-1950
Human Medical School in Bucharest; student- 1952-1958
Medical Doctor –1958
University of Bucharest, Philosophical department – student, 1966- 1970
Licence (degree) in Philosophy- 1971
Homoeopathical School in Bucarest 1984-1987
Degree in Homoeopathy – 1987

General practice in several state clinics 1958- 1983
Vadul Lat state Hospital, Rheumatic department – 1983- 1987
Giurgiu state Hospital, Rheumatic department, 1987
Balotesti state Hoapital, Rheumatic and Rehabilitation department – 1987 –1993
Private Clinic in Bucharest since 1991 .

Medical experimental center for the ALSAV PL3 treatment in rheumatic diseases at the
Pandit Jawaharial Nehru Memorial Institute of Homoeopathic Medical Sciences, Badnera Road, AMRAVATI, MAHARASTRA, INDIA
Nov.-Dec.2009, and
Oct.-Nov. 2010

Revista de Homeopatie (Roumanian) 1991- 1997

Focul Vesnic Viu, collection – 1993-2000

Lecture at the Homoeopathic Medial School in Bucharest – 1988- 2001

Lecture on Logic at the Medical School Bucharest –
1975 – 1978

Lecture on the Philosophy and Medicine at the Roumanian Academy, Bucharest 1974-1977 and at the Academy of Medecine 1978 –1979

Patent: Medecine for the Chronic Rheumatic Inflammatory Complaints – Bucharest, 1982

Books: in the philosophycal anex

Papers; Conferences :

Le problème de la pluralité des systèmes médicaux, in proceeding of the XXIlI International Congress of the History of Medicine, Bucharest – Constanta,1970

MD Perspective in Clinical Medicine.
Philosophy of Medicine teem, Roumanian Academy, 1974.

Logical Sketch in Diagnosis,
Philosophy of Medicine teem, Roumanian Academy, 1975.

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Lecturers and papers:

Lecture on Logic (optional): At the Medical School in Bucharest.

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The Unconscious in Lucian Blaga’s Philosophy.
Lecture at the Sankt Petersburg University, Russia, –.
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